Digitised Subtle Energy Information Fields

An open-source non-profit initiative

Subtle energy in the form of information and magnetic fields from Mount Kailash (Tibet) have been encoded into digitised information signatures - available for free to download here.

In a deep meditative state, with the purest of heartfelt intention, conscious human intention has been directed to entangle these digitised information signatures with the man-made electromagnetic distortions in our natural world.

These digitised information signatures are broadcast to harmonise electromagnetic distortions, to revitalise and enhance health, vitality, well-being, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, a greater sense of interconnection with all life, and the remembrance that at the fundamental level, we are all truly One.

mount kailash
Digitised Subtle Energy Information Fields
Digitised Subtle Energy Information Fields

This bitmap image is a digitised information signature that is encoded with the binary sequence from the original intention host device.

Our Mission

To assist with raising personal and planetary consciousness during these changing and turbulent times digitised-subtle-energy-information-fields.org is committed to freely distributing these digitised information signatures under the Open Source Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

At this threshold in human history we are being called to act consciously using the intelligence of the heart, and to create synergy, cooperation and harmony to help bring about an inner and outer transformation for a thriving and sustainable world.

As exponential and artificial technologies accelerate to shape all aspects of our lives and race to the point of singularity, it is our mission to help harmonise the resulting distortions to our natural world so that we can create an environment that supports free and conscious choice.

To ensure the integrity of the intention to benefit all of humanity, these digitised information signatures were created with the intent of free distribution as a not for profit initiative. In providing these digitised information signatures for free to the public, we hope to enable people to collectively take action on this growing electromagnetic radiation challenge that we are faced with globally. We no longer have to wait for industry or governments to take steps to better protect all biological life - we can harmonise distortions in a far greater and subtler manner through conscious intent and these digitised information signatures.

Please freely use and distribute the digitised information signatures with integrity - help spread them through the web of interconnectedness so that they have a more far reaching effect on the collective consciousness.

lake manasarova tibet

The Technology

The team at digitised-subtle-energy-information-fields.org created customised hardware modules which consisted of state-of-the-art single-board microprocessors designed to function as intention host devices that were used to create the digitised information signatures. At the north face of Mount Kailash in Tibet at an altitude of 5500m, a small dedicated team initially imprinted the intention host devices with the information and magnetic fields at this sacred site.

mount kailash animated image      mount kailash

Each specific digitised information signature available on this website was then created from the imprinted intention host device. This was conducted at a number of locations where there are strong resonant frequencies in the Earth’s magnetic field, including Mount Abu in Rajastan and Western Ghats in Southern India.

These digitised information signatures, in a binary format, that were captured from the background field of quantum effects are available to download as raw source files or embedded into other common digital file formats.

These digital files are shared and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Creative Commons License

Currently digitised-subtle-energy-information-fields.org have webservers and stand-alone devices across the world (UK, Australia, USA, Egypt) that read and replay these binary files in a continuous fashion over the internet.

Science Overview

There is now insurmountable evidence showing the power of human intention to affect physical reality. Dr. William Tiller’s work continues to prove that human intention can affect matter and that intention can be successfully imprinted and stored into a device for broadcast. Connectivity also harnesses the information entanglement processes to expand greater results on a large or macroscopic scale.

At present it is difficult for the majority to perceive and reconcile the effects human intention has on both properties of material (inorganic and organic: non-living and living) on what we call physical matter. Decades of experimental work by Dr. Tiller and his team have discovered that there is not just one level of physical reality but there are two levels of physical reality. It is this new level of physical reality, the magnetic information wave that can be significantly influenced by human intention and not our familiar electric atom/molecule level.

Evidence from Princeton and other research centres around the world also show that human consciousness is a non-local energy force that can influence living and non-living systems and it can create order.

Dean Radin’s research at the Institute of Noetic Science and other leading - edge scientists and researchers like Lynne McTaggart continue to show this mind-matter interaction, the interconnected nature of reality and the role that human consciousness plays in the field of this interconnectedness.

Ground breaking research from the Heart Math Institute and the Global Coherence Initiative highlight the interconnection between humanity and the Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s cutting edge framework on morphic fields proposes that our consciousness is connected to unseen collective fields or what he calls morphic fields, and these fields contain information which is accessible to all living organisms.

Dr Bruce Lipton’s work on epigenetics shows that gene expression can be influenced by environmental factors. This emphasises an urgent need to harmonise distortions from man-made electromagnetic fields in order to create life supporting environments.

The mechanistic model that has fragmented and separated our understanding of reality can no longer be sustained or bring about the transformation needed to help humanity thrive. There is now enough evidence to support the underlying assumption that the physical world is connected by a subtle energy information field and that at the quantum level, we are all one. Human consciousness not only plays a role in the quantum realm of subatomic matter but it also plays out in the macroscopic world of our daily experience. This new brand of the science of consciousness ‘science within consciousness’ or Tiller’s ‘Psychoenergetic Science’ is now an integral part of ‘tomorrow’s’ physics.

More than 30 years of research by Nassim Haramein, physicist and founder of the Resonance Science Foundation has advanced a formal unified view of physics which supports the interconnected nature of our universe. Haramein’s groundbreaking theories on unified physics has now gained worldwide recognition and acceptance. His scientific approach from a higher dimension has provided access for a greater understanding on expanding human potential beyond the old paradigm which has previously restricted human consciousness to perceive an abundant world. At this challenging and crucial juncture in human evolution, the implications of his findings and unfolding application of inventions now allow for the creation of large scale revolutionary technologies to transform our world.

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Our story is as colourful, vast, uniquely personal as it is similar to every other human being on this planet. It is a story born out of love and living the contradiction, of straddling the world of the unseen which provides the scaffolding for everything in our physical reality to manifest, and the world of physical form. We are not just the physical story, we also exist in a higher state of consciousness. It is our intention to help bring some visibility to this higher state of consciousness so that we can consciously use it to help transform the physical world.

After years of research on the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from wireless technology on biological life, and after much investigation into possible solutions, one of the team members from digitised-subtle-energy-information-fields.org had a divine inspiration for a digital solution. They contacted a number of pioneering scientists working with subtle energy to establish if such a ubiquitous digital solution was a viable possibility. Although these scientists advised that it was theoretically possible, none of them have had the opportunity to conducted such research.

Following the heart’s guidance the team member went back to Dr. Tiller’s psychoenergetics science to consider how they could realise his work to help make this digital solution a reality. Eventually, with the help of another member of the team who works in the IT industry, and after much meditation and the necessary inner work, they were able to theoretically design a potentially large-scale digital solution to condition space and harmonise the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Months before making the journey to mount Kailash to imprint the devices, the team began preparing physically, emotionally and spiritually for this challenging, mystical journey to Tibet. Knowing that conditions may be extreme at high altitude, the team spent months heightening their meditation practice together in order to be clear and more focused to hold the intention when imprinting the devices at the site.

Mount Kailash Valley

The journey then continued with all its intense challenges and incredible mysteries to other locations where there are strong resonant frequencies in Earth’s magnetic field. Specific digitised information signatures were then created from the intention host device at these various sites.

Mount Abu Rajastan

From initially perceiving the concept, communicating it to others, to designing, creating the implementations and applications, right through to producing this website it has been a life-changing, liberating, exhilarating, transformative, and immensely challenging unfolding of experiences - inconceivable to fathom or express through words.

In order to preserve the integrity of the digitised information signatures the entire research and project has been 100% funded by the small dedicated team at digitised-subtle-energy-information-fields.org. Their combined skills include, research, environmental protection, human rights, journalism, information technology, multi-media design and holding a vision for a brighter world for all.

These digitised information signatures were made with love (the resonant electromagnetic frequencies of the heart) - the stuff that creates worlds!